Why Bake matters: chefs on hunger

by Lizzie Martinez

Chefs think about food every day. And for many, they also think about the issue of hunger in Oregon – and what they can do to help.

“I’ve been cooking for 25 years and I have children of my own. I can’t imagine my kids not knowing where their next meal is coming from,” said AJ Voytko, Executive Chef at The Porter Hotel. “I’m committed to doing whatever we can to help stamp out hunger in Oregon and in Portland.”

Elephants Delicatessen is our partner in hosting Bake, and they contribute immeasurably to the event because they understand how important the issue is.

“We’re passionate about ending hunger because we know that zero hunger in Oregon is possible!” – Polina Lovison, Elephants Delicatessen

More than 30 chefs, restaurants, and brands are joining together on May 29th to raise money for Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon, especially for our Hunger-Free Schools campaign, which works to ensure every student has enough to eat.

“Children not having enough food can have a serious impact on the child’s physical and mental health, academic achievement, and future prosperity.” – Constance Demerell, NOLA Doughnuts

Thank you to all the chefs participating in Bake, the VIP Dinner Simmer, and donating to the cake raffle. We are grateful to each and every one of you.

Buy tickets at www.oregonhunger.org/bake to join us for a delicious dessert tasting–and helping to end hunger in Oregon.

Read on to see what other participants think about hunger:

“Hunger is an often forgotten struggle of many of the people in our community and as a food provider one that we can actively help in alleviating.” – Leah Orndoff, Henry Higgins

“To have access to food is a human right. This is a rich country and hunger should not exist at all here.” – Veronica Gutierrez, La Arepa

“I am passionate about ending hunger because I have a firm belief that we are all in this together.” – Anja Spence, Miss Zumstein Bakery and Cafe

“Given the wealth and resource disparities throughout the country (and world), we should all be passionate about ending hunger everywhere.” – Mark Gotelli, Coopers Hall