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Hunger-Free Oregon is a statewide anti-poverty advocacy organization with a small staff of under 15 members. We understand that leadership comes from those with lived experience and that hunger and poverty do not exist on their own, but rather a result of overlapping systems of oppression that create layers of privilege and inequity.

Our values and work are centered in creating systemic changes to end hunger, including the redistribution of resources and power to communities who have been disproportionately affected by State violence. We do not seek to just feed our neighbors, we seek our shared liberation from systems of oppression, such as racism, classism, cissexism and other forms of violence, which will allow all to thrive. To this end, our staff and board work with the values of collectivism, integrity and equity.


The story of Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon begins back in 1989, when the State Legislature created the Oregon Hunger Task Force. At that time, Oregon ranked high for hunger nationally, and the legislature declared that “All persons have the right to be free from hunger.”

Over the decades this group of 20+ advocates, social service providers, state agencies and elected officials consistently pushed for policies, programs, research and investments to address the root causes of hunger.

In 2004, the Task Force gathered input from Oregonians across the state to develop the Act to End Hunger, outlining “40 ways in 5 years to make a difference,” and providing the state with a plan of action to reduce Oregon’s extremely high hunger rank.

This plan proved to be a critical organizing tool for anti-hunger advocates across the state. In 2006 the urgency of the problem and the opportunity for progress directed the members of the Oregon Hunger Task Force to launch a private non-profit organization, Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon, whose staff would provide the capacity to help implement the recommendations of the Act to End Hunger.

Since then this unique public task force and private non-profit have issued multiple updates to its state plan. Together we have continued to focus on the long term goals of addressing the root causes of hunger so Oregonians can purchase the food they need, while increasing access to food through nutrition support programs.


Together with our partners, we have helped shape the way Oregon responds to the issue of hunger.

We have a strong track record of influencing public policies to both improve anti-hunger programs and invest in solutions to poverty. Every year, we help connect thousands of children to healthy meals year-round and provide information to tens of thousands of Oregonians about SNAP. We train and equip local partners to find solutions to hunger in their own communities. We convene the formidable experts of the Oregon Hunger Task Force for collective action.

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