We’re thrilled to have Sarah Weber-Ogden join the team as our new Co-Executive Director of Community Food Justice. Sarah brings more than a decade of experience in nonprofit leadership, policy development and advocacy, and grassroots organizing to the organization. She is the first of two permanent Co-Executive Directors that will share leadership, as we enact an organizational structure that is in line with our anti-oppressive values.

Sarah is passionate about aligning her labor with the work of collective liberation.  As the Community Food Justice Co-Executive Director, Sarah brings a richly diverse background in mutual-aide work, movement building, policy development, and nonprofit leadership to Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon.

Sarah’s history of liberation work includes aiding in resettling Iraqi refugees, consulting for nonprofit organizations up and down the West Coast, and co-founding Sunrise PDX. Sarah also served as the Director of Community Advocacy for Oregon House Rep. Zach Hudson’s office and in 2021 she secured ~$3M for a homeless services and workforce development hub in Rep. Hudson’s district.  She has also served as Chief of Staff to Rep. Lori Kuechler.

Sarah is a queer, cis, white mother to five children and spouse of an Emergency Room nurse. She is never outside of liberation work, but she is often outside – you may sometimes find her on her knees with a child on her lap examining a mushroom on the forest floor in the foothills of Wy’East.

Welcome to the team, Sarah!