Where to Donate Your Stimulus Check

If we ever doubted that we are all connected, let this teach us otherwise.

Our communities continue to adapt and show how resilient and strong we are when faced with a global pandemic. We are all connected, and this crisis has shown us how powerful we are when we act together.

For those of us fortunate enough to receive a stimulus check, and who are privileged enough to be able to consider sharing it, we encourage you to do so. Sharing your stimulus check is a powerful act of solidarity. It reminds our neighbors that we are in this together. And only by acting in solidarity will we be able to emerge from this crisis more resilient.

Our government has not prioritized inclusivity in their federal legislation. I am mindful of all those who will not be receiving stimulus checks during this crisis, or who will not see their SNAP benefits increased, or who will not be eligible for unemployment. Far too many of our fellow Americans have been left to fend for themselves. But we can stand up together, across sectors and communities, to ensure our neighbors receive help when they need it.

To see a list of who and what has been left out by the COVID-19 legislation, click here for a factsheet from The Poor People’s Campaign.

Here are just a few ideas of places doing meaningful work to redistribute funds in Oregon. Click on the link to make a donation. 

Large COVID-19 Funds

Oregon Worker Relief Fund
Redistributing money to immigrants and undocumented community members who do not qualify for the federal stimulus package or unemployment benefits.

PCUN Farmworker Fund
Led by the Farmworker Union in Woodburn, this fund is redistributing money to 100 undocumented farmworker families in Oregon.

Jade District Covid Relief Fund
Led by Asian-Pacific American Network of Oregon, this fund is helping small businesses and workers of Asian heritage in East Portland, Beaverton, and Hillsboro.

Organizations Working with Vulnerable Populations Left Out of the Stimulus Package

This is just a small sample of incredible organizations who are working to serve families who are not included in the COVID-19 legislation or who may be facing additional barriers.

Serving Immigrants & Undocumented Community Members Statewide

Euvalcree (Malheur County)
Familias en Acción
Oregon DACA Coalition 
PCUN (Woodburn & Willamette Valley) 
Unite Oregon (Portland and Southern Oregon) 

Serving Folks Who Are Incarcerated

Critical Resistance 
Pueblo Unido (works in detention centers)
Partnership for Safety and Justice 

Serving Folks Who are Unhoused

Sisters of the Road
Street Roots 
Right2Dream Too
Oregon Poor People’s Campaign – working on electricity & internet issues 

Culturally Specific Organizations (Portland-only)

Latino Network 
Don’t Shoot Portland 
Portland African American Leadership Forum 
Voz Workers Rights 

Serving Queer Communities

Outside In 
Q Center