SNAP Outreach

Contact: Chloe Eberhardt

SNAP Outreach Manager

Email, 503-595-5501 x308

SNAP Helps Oregonians 

Did you know that more than half of all Americans will use SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as Food Stamps,) at least once in their lifetime? Currently more that 680,000 Oregonians-1 in 6-receive SNAP. This impacts Oregon in 3 important ways:

  • It immediately puts food on the table
  • It stabilizes the family budget
  • It brings more than $1 billion federal tax dollars back into the state. Each $1 creates a $1.70 in local economic activity, helping to support local grocers and farmers

Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon (PHFO) works with local communities and statewide leaders to identify access barriers, implement new policies, and increase participation statewide. Our SNAP Outreach Committee works to improve the program at many levels.  Our outreach staff travel across the state providing training, tools, and support to community partners. PHFO has developed several successful strategies to increase participation of underserved populations, including seniors and students. Additional materials include brochures, fact sheets, powerpoint presentations and videos

Apply for SNAP: See if you are eligible and learn how to apply

Want to learn more about SNAP and SNAP Outreach? Dive in to our online training.

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Get Program Assistance: Outreach support, presentations, and information for your community.

Match SNAP dollars at Farmers' Markets: Eat healthy and match your SNAP dollars at these farmers markets around Oregon!

Need to speak to someone at DHS to get help with your SNAP account? Find the contact information of your local branch office or processing center here.