The SNAP Client Advisory Board works to improve the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) through the expertise of program participants.

The SNAP Client Advisory Board provides a brave space for past, present, and future SNAP participants to improve the program for SNAP recipients. The board exists to make changes, hold decision-makers accountable, and ensure there is equitable access to SNAP for all. We do this by working together with advocates, community organizations, and lawmakers.

The SNAP Client Advisory Board:

  • Questions and assesses the impact and outcomes of rules, regulations, policies, structural and systemic change issues, and implementation of SNAP in Oregon.
  • Works with advocates, program administrators, and legislative bodies to influence decision-making about SNAP in Oregon.
  • Advocates for individuals and groups that are underrepresented and marginalized within SNAP.
  • Highlights the successes and areas for improvement of SNAP in Oregon.
  • Engages with SNAP participants out in the community to share their experiences, expertise, and needs.

Join the SNAP Client Advisory Board!

The advisory board is looking for new board members.
Are you currently receiving SNAP benefits, or have you previously been a SNAP recipient?
Do you want to share feedback, suggestions, and ideas to make SNAP more accessible?

The SNAP Client Advisory Board values the lived experience of hunger and food insecurity from those who have experienced marginalization in our food system. We welcome and encourage applications from those who identify as people of color, Black, Brown, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, differently-abled, single parents, religious minorities, recent immigrants, and people from all generational, economic and educational backgrounds. If you self-identify as being from one or more of these groups, and feel comfortable sharing, please list them here.

Apply here!

The SNAP Client Advisory Board meetings monthly on the second Monday of each month from 5:30 to 7:30pm in inner southeast Portland.

SNAP Client Advisory Board members will be paid $15 per hour for their participation (paid in the form of a gift card) and will receive reimbursement for childcare and travel. A meal is provided at all meetings.

For more information, contact Chris at [email protected] or 503-595-5501 ext. 313.

SNAP Client Advisory Board Members

Venus Barnes

Angela Fancher

Sandi Delarosa

Samm McCrary