Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon is honored to join over 1,400 national, state and local organizations representing communities across the country to urge the House and Senate to develop a Farm Bill that ensures that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is protected and strengthened and that benefit adequacy, equitable access, and program administration remain core tenets of the program.

Strengthening SNAP and the commodity assistance programs ensures that the more than 41
million people who continue to rely on SNAP benefits every month to put food on the table —
during a time of increased rent and health care costs — can access and afford the nutrition they
need to thrive.

Every dollar invested in SNAP is a dollar we invest into our nation and its people. And this
investment has a strong ripple effect. Studies show that increases in SNAP benefits directly
correlate to improved health outcomes and decreased visits to emergency rooms, which
decreases Medicaid costs.
In addition to its health, nutrition, and overall improved well-being
attributes, SNAP also supports local economies — each dollar in federally funded SNAP benefits generates between $1.50 and $1.80 in economic activity during a weak economy.

SNAP is our nation’s most impactful anti-hunger program. Congress should ensure that SNAP
benefits reach all those in need, including households with children, older adults, veterans, and
people with disabilities, and residents of the U.S. territories, so that all can thrive. Equally
important, Congress must protect SNAP from damaging policies that would undermine its
effectiveness and increase hunger and food insecurity. This includes ensuring that future Thrifty
Food Plan adjustments allow benefits to keep pace with the cost of a healthy diet based on
factors such as the latest dietary guidance and food consumption patterns.

Historically, the Farm Bill has been a bipartisan effort that has prioritized improving the lives of
millions of households who struggle to get the nutrition they need. We urge Congress to return
to this core Farm Bill principle and only advance a bold and equitable Farm Bill that protects
and strengthens SNAP and the commodity assistance programs that support millions of
households in every corner of our country.

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