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Ending Hunger is Possible - Oregon Has a Plan

Beneath Oregon’s beauty lies a problem: hunger. In recent years, more than a half million Oregonians have struggled to get enough food to eat. Hunger and food insecurity have serious consequences, both for those who experience them and communities that must respond.

At its root, hunger is a symptom of a lack of sufficient income to pay for basic expenses. It is also an indicator of systemic issues in our economy that put a heavier financial burden on many working Oregonians.

Hunger is preventable and solvable. The plan, Ending Hunger Before It Begins: Oregon’s Call to Action (PDF, 1.3 MB) and its three goal areas are designed to guide Oregon’s collective efforts.

1st Goal: Increase economic stability for people, communities, and the state.
2nd Goal: Cultivate a strong regional food system.
3rd Goal: Improve the food assistance safety net.

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Executive Summary (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Full Plan (PDF, 1.3 MB)
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