Match your SNAP benefits at Oregon Farmers Markets

by Joanie Pioli

Oregon farmers market season is here! This means you can access excellent local produce in your neighborhood directly from farmers and food producers.

For many low-income families, buying fresh produce at the farmers market can seem like a luxury, but farmers markets all across Oregon have been working hard to make their goods more accessible and affordable to everyone in their community. Not only do most Oregon farmers markets accept EBT cards (or Oregon Trail cards), but many also allocate additional funds to match SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits dollar to dollar up to a certain amount.

These matching programs allow SNAP participants to stretch their benefits by shopping for fresh produce at a nearby farmers markets.

Last year, Oregon farmers markets partnered with Double Up Food Bucks, a SNAP matching program, to offer this resource at markets across Oregon. However, this year, farmers markets are working independently to continue to fund SNAP match efforts. As a result, dollar to dollar matching amounts are more varied between markets for the 2018 summer season.

Portland metro area markets will have a streamlined SNAP match program this summer, offering a dollar for dollar match up to $10 a day! Check out the Farmers Market Fund webpage for more information on Portland area markets participating in SNAP match.

Also, make sure to check our SNAP match map for more details on which statewide Oregon markets are offering SNAP match, as well as the level of match available at each participating market.