Permanent Increase to SNAP Benefits Starting in October

by Chloe Eberhardt

Starting in October, Oregonians will see a modest, permanent increase in SNAP benefits–on average $36 per person, per month. This change is a result of long overdue federal action to update the Thrifty Food Plan, the underlying food cost plan that determines SNAP benefit levels. 

A few other shifts in SNAP benefit amounts because of temporary pandemic changes will also factor into October benefit levels. September 30th saw the end of the temporary 15% boost to SNAP benefits because of the pandemic. However, Oregon continued to be approved for emergency allotments in October which boosts everyone to the maximum amount for their household size or an additional $95 for those already at the maximum (these extra benefits were dispersed on October 12th for current SNAP households and October 29th or November 2nd for new SNAP households). The maximum amounts were increased starting October 1st based on the above mentioned Thrifty Food Plan changes – see the image below for the new amounts.