Every Child Deserves a Healthy Start to the School Day


We Did It! Oregon goes further than any other state to create Hunger-Free Schools.

Every student, classroom, teacher, and community is better off when kids start the school day well-nourished and ready to learn.

Together, we made history. Oregon will go further than any state in the nation to ensure students have access to breakfast and lunch at school.

The Hunger-Free Schools provisions were signed into law by Governor Kate Brown on May 16 as part of the landmark Student Success Act, which addresses decades of disinvestment in Oregon’s schools. The Act includes new investments in early childhood, reducing class sizes, providing mental and behavioral support services, career technical education, culturally-specific student success plans, and more.

We did this together by building a strong coalition of supporters making the case that school meals are a critical element of student success.

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The Student Success Act will be funded through new revenue source that is dedicated to education. For nearly 30 years, Oregon has gone without such a revenue source, which has led to disinvestment in our schools, low graduation rates.

Many business groups either supported or remained neutral on the Student Success Act. However, a narrow set of special interests are gathering signatures to put this on the ballot in January 2020.

If the Student Success Act is overturned, everything we worked for will disappear. We can’t let that happen.

Together, we will do everything we can to ensure this victory is preserved. We are part of a broad coalition that will be working to defend the Student Success Act if and when it appears on the ballot. Stay tuned for updates about how you can support this effort. As of this writing, the biggest thing the campaign needs is for organizations to endorse the Student Success Act. View the current list of endorsers.

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Universal Access to School Meals in Oregon

The Hunger-Free Schools Campaign is advocating for the Oregon Legislature to pass a bill that will offer all students that need it the opportunity to eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch at no charge.

Currently, 4 in 10 school districts in Oregon already serve meals at no charge in at least one school. These 331 schools, designated high-poverty, use the Community Eligibility Provision from the federal government to fund meals at no cost to all students.

Let’s take this solution to scale and ensure 100,000 more Oregon kids can access healthy school meals at no charge.

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Join Us in Ending Hunger

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