For too long, immigrants have been excluded from food assistance programs. Now is the time to prioritize access for our immigrant neighbors.

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Our vision

We envision an Oregon where all people have access to food no matter where they were born or their immigration status. In this vision, Oregon establishes a community-designed program to ensure food security that is funded by the state; and builds the pathway for Oregon to be responsive to other immigrant and refugee community needs.

We envision an Oregon, and a country, with an equitable immigration system that ensures immigration status does not perpetuate poverty and limit access to our safety net. We see a future where state-funded food assistance for immigrant Oregonians is a first step to all services being available and accessible to everyone.

Alongside a coalition of over 100 organizations statewide, Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon is championing a movement for Food for All Oregonians.  Learn more at

Our approach

It is a value of the Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon to elevate the leadership of those most impacted, and to build collective power. We are a member of a dedicated steering committee of community-based organizations that work directly with impacted communities, and supported by a vibrant coalition of over 100 organizations statewide. The power of this coalition increases the support and person-power to make these changes a reality. This coalition spent the first year of this campaign hosting community listening sessions, planning grassroots community organizing, developing leaders in our community, and developing legislative strategy.  In 2023, Senate Bill 610 was introduced into the Oregon legislation, and while it did not pass, it gained the support and energy of a coalition of organizations, lawmakers, and activists! This coalition will be bringing this policy back to the Oregon Legislature in 2025. Join us in supporting Food for All Oregonians!

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Campaign values

Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon, as a result of the Food for All Oregonians initiative, will:

  1. Build deep partnerships with immigrant-led advocacy and serving organizations.
  2. Champion immigrant and refugee community leadership, with the goal of engaging, organizing and building power together.
  3. Co-design legislation that expands food access to immigrants, creates a framework of support for immigrant and refugee communities, and results in real, concrete improvements in immigrants’ lives.
  4. Work with Oregon’s immigrant community to shape and evolve this initiative over time; and as a result, Oregon’s movement for immigrant justice is stronger, and ready to push for the next iteration of change that will further center BIPOC immigrant and refugee communities

Campaign timeline

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Food for All Oregonians Steering Committee

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