Fight SNAP cuts that will affect every Oregon community: Public Comments extended through Nov. 1

by Etta O’Donnell-King

Note: Public comments on this rule originally closed on September 23, but are now re-opened through November 1. This is due to a failure by USDA to issue an analysis on the impact of the proposed rule change on the negative impacts to school meals. Make your comment now.

Read our updated comment here.

A new proposal from the Trump administration would take food away from 3.1 million people across the U.S., including many families, seniors, and people with disabilities. This change would cut an estimated 50,000 Oregon households off food assistance from SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as “food stamps”), while also making it harder for kids to get school meals and add red tape and inefficiency to a program that is working well. Every community in Oregon would be hurt by this. 

This proposal would restrict states’ ability to streamline how people apply for assistance, called “categorical eligibility”. The proposal would also lower the income level at which someone is eligible for SNAP and block people with very modest assets, like a used car, from qualifying. This will also hurt Oregon’s economy, bringing in $3 million less each month in federal benefits, which would impact Oregon farmers, producers, and grocery stores. 

“This plan would cost the government far more in health-related expenses than it would save. That’s from a practical view; also, what about compassion? What about hungry children, and seniors who have contributed throughout their lives, who are now depending upon food stamps to maintain a modicum of good health. Poor idea all around.” – Samm McCrary, Oregon SNAP Client Advisory Board Member

When a third of kids facing hunger are in families earning too much to qualify under the current rules, this cut is obviously going in the wrong direction. Nationwide about 500,000 students could lose access to eligibility for free school meals. That’s because currently families who participate in SNAP are directly certified without needing a second application, and whole schools could lose the ability to serve meals to all kids for free. The proposed SNAP changes could also increase the cost of the new Hunger-Free School provisions in the Student Success Act to the state, which could limit their long term feasibility. Learn more about the impact on school meals.

Please note: This is a proposed rule and nothing has changed as of now. People should still apply for and utilize SNAP benefits as they have been.

DC needs to hear from you! 

Raise your voice to protect food assistance for tens of thousands of families across Oregon and let the Trump administration know this is a bad proposal that would increase hunger in our state. They have to listen to us–submitting a public comment is the best way to make your voice heard. By federal law, all original comments must be read and taken into consideration, so please personalize your comment to maximize your impact.

Making a comment is easy. It’s a lot like writing an email to your member of Congress. The only difference is your comment will become part of the public record. Individuals, organizations, and community leaders are encouraged to make comments. The 60-day comment window is now open through September 23.

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