Every Meal Matters engages students and families in decisions made about their school’s meal service programs.

At Hunger-Free Oregon, we believe communities know best how to nourish their kids. But it can be hard for families to know where to start to change a child’s school meal! The federal child nutrition programs (“school meals”) can be tough to navigate for families who just want to provide input on their school’s meal program. Meanwhile, school nutrition staff are increasingly stretched, having to do more work with fewer resources and support systems.

Every Meal Matters will work in one school community to:

  1. Implement one community-driven change in the partnering school’s meal service program,

  2. Strengthen relationships between community members and school nutrition staff, and

  3. Learn how school communities can make decisions in their school meal programs that reflect the needs of students and families.

To do this, Every Meal Matters first connects with families and students to identify the changes their school’s meal program needs to be best for the entire community. In addition to this work, this project aims to support food service staff with grant resources and technical assistance in order to make these community-driven changes in their school meal program. Finally, in building relationships between school nutrition staff and community members, Every Meal Matters hopes to leave the entire school community better situated to continue making decisions together that center the community’s needs.

Hunger-Free Oregon is seeking to work with one school community in the Reynolds, David Douglas, or Portland Public school districts. Work will begin in March 2020, with the goal of having a minimum of one community-driven school meal change implemented by December 2020.


FAQ for Community Partners

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FAQ for School Nutrition Directors and Other Administrators

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Every Meals Matter Flyer

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If you are interested in how your school can get involved with Every Meal Matters, contact Alison Killeen at Hunger-Free Oregon at [email protected] or (503) 595-5501 x305.