Bake to End Hunger

COMING TONIGHT? Here's everything you need to know. 

“Life is short; eat dessert first.” - Jacques ‘Mr. Chocolate’ Torres, Master Pastry Chef

Bake to End Hunger will feature the crème de la crème of Portland's pastry chefs.

Join us on Thursday May 11 to taste the finest cakes, savories, cocktails and more—all while ending hunger in Oregon. Buy your tickets here.

Oregon is the only state to see a recent rise in hunger and we now rank 6th most hungry state in the nation. With your support, our strong community and a whole lot of cake, we can work towards ending hunger in Oregon. Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon believes that we can become the first state in the nation to end hunger! Together, let's end hunger and get our cake on.

To learn more and stay updated on Bake to End Hunger news, RSVP to the Facebook event.

Interested in being a vendor for Bake to End Hunger? Yay! Here's the vendor form.

You may have noticed that this event used to be known as the "Cakewalk to End Hunger." Well, turns out that the cakewalk has its roots in slavery, so Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon decided to change the event to "Bake to End Hunger." Read more about why here

In partnership with Portland Culinary Alliance and Feastly

Sponsored by Shepherd's Grain

Confirmed vendors, thus far:

  1. Elephant's Delicatessen
  2. Raven + Rose
  3. OP Wurst
  4. Le Pigeon
  5. Missionary Chocolates
  6. Pie Spot
  7. Pambiche
  8. Grand Central Bakery
  9. 180 Xurros & Xocolata
  10. Baker & Spice
  11. Perfect Company
  12. Dream Boat Coconut Ice Cream
  13. Paisley Confiture
  14. Renegade Bakeshop
  15. Beast
  16. Loyal Legion
  17. JaCiva's Bakery and Chocolatiers
  18. Tabor Bread
  19. Holdfast
  20. New Cascadia Traditional
  21. Pix Patisserie
  22. JAZ Spirits
  23. Sage Hen
  24. Bakeshop
  25. La Arepa
  26. Alma Chocolate
  27. Clyde Common
  28. Byways Cafe
  29. Terminal Gravity
  30. Morgan Street Theater
  31. Montinore Estate
  32. St. Jack
  33. Olympia Provisions
  34. Smith Tea
  35. Water Avenue Coffee
  36. Cana's Feast Winery

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