Bake 2019 raises more than $13,000 to support Hunger-Free Schools and more!

Chefs and restaurants join forces at the Portland Art Museum to support a hunger-free Oregon.

by Lizzie Martinez

“Art helps us depict life, both as we experience it and as we dream of it being. It allows us to articulate the deepest truths of what we yearn for: of possibility, of the searing realities of our lives, but also the shape of what could be. Tonight, we invite you to imagine and help create a future free of hunger.” – Annie Kirschner, Executive Director

Art was the theme for the 3rd annual Bake to End Hunger. We all enjoyed the artistry of chefs in displaying delicacies for us to eat. The event showcased one-of-a-kind specialty cakes made by pastry chefs in Portland, which 14 lucky winners were able to take home.

All together, Bake raised more than $13,000 for Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon, supporting timely work on the Hunger-Free Schools campaign and other initiatives to ensure every Oregonian has access to healthy and affordable food, every day.

More than 30 members of the culinary community gathered to support an issue close to their hearts – ending hunger. We welcomed back those who have been with us since the first year and new friends.

Once again, Elephants Delicatessen partnered with us to host the event providing critical event planning and logistics support, as well as gorgeous and delicious galettes at the event. Thank you to the entire Elephants Deli team!

Nearly 200 people attended the event, celebrating the bounty of Oregon through samples of sweet and savory treats as well as beverages. Together, we all revelled in the assortments of delicacies available – from eclairs to tamales, from gin to tea.

This year, we added a pre-event VIP Dinner. Simmer: Dinner with a Mission was an opportunity for our closest supporters to join us for a sit-down dinner and hear more about the recent Hunger-Free Schools win.

Chef AJ Voytko of The Porter Hotel catered a dinner of small plates featuring tuna and steak. Lady Hill Winery and Straightaway Cocktails poured beverages. Thank you!

The program featured interviews about what hunger-free means to them and why they are passionate about this cause. We heard from Chef AJ about how he became involved in ending childhood hunger. Special guest Taylor Sarman, chief of staff for Rep. Margaret Doherty joined us to share about the Student Success Act. And our very own Matt Newell-Ching, Public Affairs Director, shared about his recent work on the Student Success Act and why it matters to him.

Thank you to all of our supporters, partners, culinary community members, and guests. It was an honor to host each of you to share about our work.

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