All people have the right to be free from hunger.

Yet one in seven households in Oregon face a challenge to put food on the table. Because of historical injustices like racism and misogyny, people of color and women are disproportionately denied that right. Renters in Oregon are more likely to experience hunger than homeowners, and are more hungry than renters in the rest of America.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We believe in overcoming social inequities with targeted resources and policies. We center our work around the lived experiences of people facing food insecurity. Together with many partners – and you – we win changes to bring us closer to the vision of a hunger-free Oregon.

Policy priorities

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SNAP Client Advisory Board

The SNAP Client Advisory Board provides a brave space for past, present, and future SNAP participants to improve the program for SNAP recipients. The board exists to make changes, hold decision-makers accountable, and ensure there is equitable access to SNAP for all. We do this by working together with advocates, community organizations, and lawmakers.

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Every Meal Matters

Every Meal Matters will work in one school community to:

  1. Implement one community-driven change in the partnering school’s meal service program
  2. Strengthen relationships between community members and school nutrition staff, and
  3. Learn how school communities can make decisions in their school meal programs that reflect the needs of students and families.
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Hunger-Free Schools

Every child deserves a healthy start in life. School meals help kids learn, grow, and thrive. The Hunger-Free Schools Campaign seeks to develop policy recommendations and win legislative change in 2019 to put Oregon on the path toward becoming the leader in ensuring every child is well nourished at school.

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Oregon Hunger Task Force

Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon convenes the Oregon Hunger Task Force. The Task Force was created by the State Legislature to act as a resource within government and as a statewide advocate for Oregonians who are hungry or at risk of hunger. It works collaboratively with stakeholders throughout Oregon to compile research, develop proposals for government action, and coordinate anti-hunger services at the state level. Explore the Task Force’s current Plan to End Hunger as well as the most current research on the status of food insecurity in Oregon at

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Join Us in Ending Hunger

Join Us in Ending Hunger

Together, we can end hunger in Oregon
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