Announcing the 2018 November School Breakfast Challenge

by Fatima Jawaid

We’re all familiar with the scenario. It’s been one of those days – there’s too much to do before you head into work and far too little time. You find yourself skipping breakfast in the rush to get out the door. By 10, your stomach grumbles and for a moment – it’s all you can focus on. By 11, your concentration starts to decline. Soon, you find yourself counting down the seconds until your next meal.

For children – a missed meal can have greater impacts on both their development and ability to learn.

Studies have shown for children struggling with hunger also have higher rates of behavioral, emotional, and academic problems.  A missed meal in the morning can manifest as decreased attendance, lower test scores, and behavioral issues within the classroom.

The reality is, however, for many low-income families there are obstacles to providing a healthy morning meal each day – such as a tight budget or a busy morning schedule. For schools that participate in the School Breakfast Program, they can play a major role in in filling this void for millions of low-income children every school day. Students who participate in school breakfast show improved attendance, behavior, and academic performance.

However, in the state of Oregon, only about a third of children eligible for free school breakfast participate in the school breakfast program. That’s why we, at Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon, would like to invite your school to participate in the 4th annual November School Breakfast Challenge. And, for the month of November, highlight the critical role breakfast plays in a child’s growth and development and help schools achieve great results through school nutrition. Participating schools are encouraged to re-vamp or re-focus the way they serve breakfast in order to increase student participation.

Participating schools will receive materials to support breakfast program growth and will have the opportunity to win cash prizes for increasing participation. To register, click here.

For more information contact Fatima, Child Hunger Prevention Program Manager.