After School Meal and Snack Program

Contact: Marcella Miller

Child Hunger Prevention Manager

Email, (503) 595-5501, ext. 307

About the Program

The After School Meal and Snack Program (ASMSP) provides reimbursement to qualifying after school programs that serve free meals or snacks to children. The program is administered at the Federal level by the USDA and at the State level by the Oregon Department of Education.


Children benefit because nutritionally-balanced food allows them to get the most from enrichment programs. Money saved can be used to fund program activities.

Start a Program: Contact Darcy Miller, Oregon Department of Education, and / or visit our new Afterschool Meal Program Guide and read our fact sheet.

What We Do

Outreach and Program Assistance

Through our After School Outreach Project, we work with the Oregon Department of Education and other partners to identify communities that would benefit from after-school programming and help get programs up and running. We document best practices, and share our knowledge with others to improve and stabilize programs.


We identify opportunities for After School Meal & Snack improvement through our work with providers here in Oregon, and by monitoring the efforts of other states. We advocate for these improvements through state and federal policy change, like Federal Child Nutrition Reauthorization.