We are in pursuit of a hunger-free state. One where all of our neighbors have access to fresh and affordable food. Chasing this goal, we approach hunger differently. We partner with those most impacted in pursuit of changing the system and addressing root causes. Join us in pursuit of an Oregon where everyone is free from hunger.

Heat or Food? New Trump rule would reduce food assistance in states facing high heating costs

Once again, the Trump administration is trying to take food assistance (SNAP) away from families across the country. On October 3, 2019, the Trump administration published a rule that would cut a net total of $4.5 billion over five years by changing how states take households’ utility costs into account in determining the amount of SNAP benefits for which they qualify. Make a public comment through December 2 to take action against this cruel proposal.

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Food Insecurity in Oregon finally to pre-Recession levels, but still too high

USDA’s annual report on food insecurity is one of the most important snapshots of how we’re doing as a nation. So it’s significant that in its latest report issued in September, Oregon’s rate of food insecurity dropped significantly over the last three years. Yet our economy is still leaving too many families behind, and the impact is uneven due to historical injustices.

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