We are in pursuit of a hunger-free state. One where all of our neighbors have access to fresh and affordable food. Chasing this goal, we approach hunger differently. We partner with those most impacted in pursuit of changing the system and addressing root causes. Join us in pursuit of an Oregon where everyone is free from hunger.

Wondering about the status of federal rule changes around hunger?

The Trump administration has been targeting people living in poverty by seeking cuts to food assistance through changes in administrative rules. This allows them to subvert Congress, the will of the people, and decades of precedence. These rules in total will cut one in six Oregonians off of SNAP and Oregon would lose $144 million in food assistance.

We have compiled all of the proposed and announced rules and where they are in the process of becoming law.

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Check out our resources on SNAP assistance and outreach.

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We are here to help

Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon provides technical support to our partners in the community who serve Oregon’s at-risk families. Whether you’re just getting started tackling a local community problem, or trying to improve an existing program, we’re here to help.

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